LC200A Inductor Capacitor Tester, Inductive Capacitance L/C Meter, 1pF-100mF, 1uH-100H


Product Description

Specification Supply power: DC5V power supply (included), USB cable (included), 4pcs AA battery (not included) Mode “C”:measure small capacitance Accuracy: 1pF~1uF1%; 1uF~10uF5% Resolution: 0.01pF Mode “L”:measure small inductance Accuracy: 1uH~100mH1% Resolution: 0.001uH Mode “Hi.L”:measure large inductance Accuracy: 100mH~1H1%; 1H~100H5% Resolution: 0.001mH Mode “Hi.C”:measure large capacitance Accuracy: 1uF~100mF5% Resolution: 0.01uF Test frequency: Mode “C”, mode “L”~500KHz Mode “Hi.L”~500Hz ~50KHz The measurement method of large capacitance:Charge-discharge Display: LCD 1602 Effective display digits: 4 Working temperature:0℃-40℃ Working humidity: ≤90%RH (At 40℃) Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 89 x 29mm Weight: 198gPackage List 1 × handheld LC meter 1 x pair of alligator clip test leads 1 × LCR Kelvin alligator clip test lead 1 × USB cable 1 × DC5V power supply 1 × manual

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