OP07CP IC Low-Offset Voltage Precision Operational Amplifier Breadboard-Friendly (Pack of 5)

SKU 00468

The OP07 devices offer low offset and long-term stability by means of a low-noise, chopperless, bipolar-input-transistor amplifier circuit. For most applications, external components are not required for offset nulling and frequency compensation. The true differential input, with a wide input-voltage range and outstanding common-mode rejection, provides maximum flexibility and performance in high-noise environments and in noninverting applications. Low bias currents and extremely high input impedances are maintained over the entire temperature range.

Juried Engineering Products are shipped in ESD Safe Packaging and are Authentic/Genuine Components.

  • Low Noise
  • No External Components Required
  • Replace Chopper Amplifiers at a Lower Cost
  • Wide Input-Voltage Range: 0 to +- 14 V (Typ)
  • Wide Supply-Voltage Range: +-3 V to +-18 V

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