EWZ Series Multipurpose Control Astronomic 7 Day Time Switch, 120-277 VAC Input Supply, 1 Channel, DPST Output Dry Contact

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Brand: NSI

Color: color


  • Automatic on/off control for individualized daily operation
  • Digital 7-day, 24-hour display with 20 on/off cycles each day, one-minute minimum cycle, manual override switch
  • Automatic compensation for daylight saving time, leap year, and sunrise and sunset variation based on Earth's latitude
  • 120-277 VAC input voltage for multiple uses
  • Noryl plastic alloy indoor/outdoor enclosure with locking hasp

model number: EWZ103

Part Number: EWZ103

Details: This NSi Industries EWZ103 digital time switch accepts 120-277 VAC input and its DPST output contacts can activate a 40 amp load or 2 hp motor. The switch automatically detects the input voltage and does not require manual voltage setting. This timer includes 20 pairs of on/off set points, has a minimum cycle time of one minute, and is suitable for individualized daily operation. A rechargeable super capacitor provides four days of backup power to maintain time and schedule settings. This timer can adjust for daylight saving time and leap year and compensate for sunrise and sunset variation based on Earth's latitude. The double-pole single-throw (DPST) contacts are housed within a Noryl plastic alloy enclosure that meets NEMA-3R standards for water resistance and has a lockable hasp. The enclosure is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and mounts to an external surface. This digital timer is Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listed and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified for quality assurance and is suitable for controlling lighting, heaters, and equipment motors. Specifications Switch type Digital 7-day, 24-hour timer with 20 unique set points each day Input power supply 120-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 W power consumption, automatic voltage detection, rechargeable super capacitor backup Output contacts DPST contacts, 40 amp load rating, 2 hp motor load rating On/off control One-minute minimum on/off cycle, up to 20 cycles per 24 hours Enclosure NEMA-3R Noryl plastic alloy enclosure with clear plastic cover, indoor/outdoor use, external surface mount Terminal wire size range #8 to #16 AWG (American wire gauge) Operating temperature range -40 to +149 degrees F (-40 to +65 degrees C) Standards met UL Listed, CSA certified Automatic switches are used to turn on or off electrical devices and are activated by time, light, and motion. Time activated switches (also known as timers) operate at preset time intervals during a daily or weekly period and can be either mechanical or electronic. Mechanical timers feature a dial with multiple pins to set the on/off time intervals. Electronic timers feature an LCD display and pushbuttons to set the time intervals. Light activated switches (also known as optical or photo) operate when ambient light levels reach preset values, generally measured in foot candles. Motion-activated switches (also known as motion sensors) operate when an electronic field of a preset range is interrupted. These switches can include energy saving logic that uses combinations of time, light, and motion to operate and can include one or more device outlets or circuit contacts. Automatic switches are used to control indoor lights, outdoor lights, appliances, and small equipment motors. NSi Industries manufactures electrical components and sensors, lighting products, and energy management products. The company, founded in 1975, is headquartered in Huntersville, NC.

EAN: 0786261824738

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.1 x 3.5 inches

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