6 Feet AV to RCA Audio Video Composite Cable Cord For Sony PS1 PS2 PS3 PS3 Slim



PlayStation PS1 PS2 PS3 AV Audio Video Cable Cord RCA A/V 6Z US Seller Composite AV Cable   

This AV Cable provides composite video & audio [L/R] output for connecting your Sony PlayStation 1, 2 or 3 to a TV / Monitor Dock, connector plugs directly into the game console.

Ultra thick and flexible jacket with color coded connectors to simplify installation.

A yellow video cable and red and white audio cable

RCA is connected to the TV by color, where yellow is connected to the video input terminal of the TV, and red and white are connected to the audio input terminal of the TV. HDTV needs to adjust the video input method.

Connect the other end to the game console.


Compatible range:

Sony PS 1/2/3

Color: Black

Length: 1.8 meters

Package Included:

packing include:



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