flashtree 3pcs Nano I/O Expansion Multi-Purpose Extension Sensor Shield Module for Arduino UNO R1 R3 Nano




  • The extension board is specially tailored for arduino NANO, welding on the two rows of pins, can be used in Arduino duemilanove 2009, UNO R1.
  • It expands the Nano Controller’s ability to connect to these devices in a simple and trouble-free manner.
  • 14 input/output pins (servo type with GND, power and signal), 8 analog pins with power output and GND.
  • External power supply is as follows: DC adapter power supply 9V, the pin voltage is 5V-5.25V (can meet the pin voltage, drive the high power load).
  • USB is as follows: USB supplies NANO to 5V and pin voltage is 5V-5.25V (can drive sensors and other modules).

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