What is raspberry pie? What can our products match with raspberry pie?

What is raspberry pie? What can our products match with raspberry pie?

Introduction to raspberry pie

Raspberry PI, a micro-computer the size of a credit card. It can run Linux and window 10 IOT system, and its official system is raspberry PI OS (formerly known as raspbian).

Raspberry is a kind of fruit, which tastes sour and sweet. It's not ruled out that developers like this fruit very much, so it's named after it. This situation is very common in foreign countries. For example, after MySQL was acquired by Oracle, the founder of MySQL named the new database after his daughter, which is the famous open source database MariaDB. There are also Taylor Guitar, trump Hotel, Li Ning sportswear and so on.

Here's what raspberry pie is all about

Distribution and maintenance: "raspberry PI foundation"

Country of issue: UK

Project Leader: Eben Upton / E Upton

First generation product launch time: 2012

Official website of raspberry Pie: www.raspberrypi.org

CPU supplier: Broadcom

Running memory: up to 8GB (raspberry pie generation 4 b)

ROM: up to 128GB TF Card

Camera: support CSI camera and USB camera

Microphone: USB drive free microphone

External input: USB keyboard, USB mouse

Bluetooth support: on board Bluetooth

Wireless network card support: 2.4G, 5g

Cable network card support: up to 1000m (raspberry pie 4b), 300m (raspberry pie 3B +), 100m (raspberry pie 3b)

System platform: arm reduced instruction set

System architecture: armhf (32-bit), arrch64 (64 bit)

Official system: Raspberry PI OS

System burning tools: Raspberry PI imager (official), win32diskimager

Other Linux systems support: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu mate, Ubuntu server, Ubuntu core, win 10 IOT, youqilin, OSMC, etc

Official price: starting from $35 for 4B and $10 for zero

Latest product: Raspberry pie 4B (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB memory version)

Historical products: Raspberry pie 3B +, raspberry pie 3A +, compute module 3 (calculation module), raspberry pie 3b, raspberry pie 2B, raspberry pie 1b, raspberry pie 1A +, raspberry pie zero, raspberry pie zero

Official accessories products: Raspberry pie desktop kit, raspberry pie protective case, USB type-C power supply, micro HDMI adapter, micro USB to type-C adapter, raspberry pie official beginner's Guide (Books), raspberry pie official CSI camera (8 megapixel), raspberry pie official CSI camera head (12.3 megapixel)

Our products can cooperate with raspberry pie to study, test and work

                          Raspberry pie expansion board

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